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“The potential for self-empowerment, change, healing and transformation, which is so great during these [pregnancy] months, needs to be positively enhanced and encouraged.”~Janet Balaskas

As a doula, my goal is to help you be satisfied in your birth and comfortable with what comes at every turn. I do that by building a relationship with you and by helping you prepare; we examine the possibilities that are right for your body and birth together. I help you through, moment by moment keeping you present with the process as a birth sister and coach, who supports your birthing team emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Before birth, I am a resource, friend, and confidante.  From there, we build your own personal Birth ToolKit together.  During birth, my primary focus is to honour the birthing space and bring ease to it, by offering breathing support (through guidance if needed, toning, visualisation, meditation, hypnobirthing, focal points) positioning support, and reassurance.  I and the birthing team support birth through massage, physical support, warm blankets, cold cloths, quiet, meditation, drinks, food, acupressure, counter-pressure, verbal processing, energy work…anything that is required to make you most comfortable.  After birth, I stay to settle you into your nesting as a family then I visit with you to check in and help you transition into your role as a mother.  I offer initial breastfeeding support and resources, help navigate the questions that arise at the beginning of parenting and connect you to many resources in our community to help you continue your parenting journey in a positive, supported way.

As I doula I offer:

  • a practice of non judgement so you choose what truly resonates with you and your family throughout birth and early parenting
  • DONA doula training, prenatal yoga training  & an extensive library to provide you with facts when you would like to know them
  • visualization, toning & breath work to be able to change it up and get you through the times you really need to breath with calm
  • exploring ways to easily get familiar and comfortable with birth positions backed by 12 yrs of yoga practice 420 hrs + teacher training, so that when the time comes, choosing positions that work for you is second nature to you
  • light touch massage as a doula technique & important for your partner to know how to do to release oxytocin in order to counter the cortisol we release during stress 
  • counter pressure and acupressure techniques as a doula technique to make space in your body and provide relief when baby is moving down though the body
  • reflexology and foot massages potentially with aromatherapy to bring smells and sensations you enjoy into the birthing space
  • thai yoga massage to relieve tension in the neck, feet, legs when the muscles are tired from tensing up with surges
  • the knowledge of how to combine hypnobirthing, yoga, water therapy, focus points, mantras, quiet or coaching for moment to moment presence in your birth and efficiency with your body doing its work 
  • birthing aids such as massage balls, tens unit, water therapy to bring comfort sensations into the birthing moments
  • 6 years of doula service as a KDA doula that provides you with a wide range of experience and empathy for you birth experience, plus the knowledge that I still love what I am doing
  • Access Consciousness Bars® Bars facilitation to bring you emotional & mental processing with ease in order to overcome fears, blocks, and stalls that might arise  before, during or even after baby’s arrival
  • Canadian Birth Photographer with 16 yrs of photography experience to optionally capture all the amazing moments that come up doing your transition into parenthood; sometimes moms do not remember clearly everything that happened and other times they are so in the moment that they cannot see themselves or how beautiful all the love surrounding the birth is
  • the benefit of having two children  (+ one miscarry) to reassure you that I have walked your in your shoes, and understand how hard the options and choices can be
  • belly dance moves (the original birthing dance) to dress you in cabaret for your birth [just kidding] to bring the gentle element of easy shimmying techniques to jiggle baby down the birth canal when needed
  • MA in women’s creative expression to assure you that I have a strong belief in women, the ways that even their birth expressions manifest and tools to bring your self expression forth from you to birth in your own way
  • the option of professional photography to freeze your birth memories in time to revisit whenever you need to remember how strong and amazing you and your child are