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the historical scoop

When Laura’s friend offered to take hundreds of photos at her daughter’s birth almost seven years ago, Laura had no idea how important those photos would be to her and her family. The kids reach for them on days when they wish to feel extra special, when questions arise about where they came from, when a baby is about to be born. Of course, Laura enjoys a good dose of nostalgia now and then too; she ended up cherishing the photos as one of most important events of her life and the marker of stepping into wholly into creative expression as a mainstay.

Since then, Laura Elie has been working as a photographer and doula in the Okanagan valley. After being wonderfully supported through pregnancy and birth, she decided to draw upon her yoga and belly dance practice and combine it with her doula  and photography training to support one of the most creative times of life.  From there, Laura’s business grew into other exciting aspects of photography. from boutique weddings to in studio product shoots.

Philosophically, Laura believes in the power of everyday miracles and the integrity of being in the moment. Laura feels privileged to offer photography services as a way to hold up a mirror to the incredible beauty within and about us.


about me, according to my hubby:


Laura Elie was born in the cornfields of Illinois and left for the big city to study Anthropology at the University of Chicago.  From there, she tackled the nuances of French and black and white photography in Paris; she continued on to Belize, Shanghai, Beijing, Phoenix, Calgary, and Kelowna, photographing as she went.  Laura learned to express herself (even more) with a Masters degree of integrated creative expression from Athabasca University.  Along the way, she and I have designed many creative spaces and projects, together including our family.  She is the mother of both our incredible children and squinting-eyed dog.  Last but not least, she is my loving wife.

Laura and her team have been photographing professionally in the Okanagan Valley since 2010; I believe seeing the images of herself as a birthing mother inspired Laura to rekindle her long-time love of powerful images. She has been evolving her craft and her quest to show people their beauty ever since.

my birth philosophies:

Pregnancy and birth were hugely transformative for me. I experienced firsthand what happens when a woman is given the support and space to make her own choices for her family and herself. With preparation, informed choices, and loving support, I found both power and contentment in birthing like nothing I had ever known. In retrospect, preparing for birth and (dare I say motherhood) was like prepping to climb a mountain. For me, it involved prepping my mind and body through yoga asana, breath work and toning, many walks, writing, listening to my body’s needs as they came up, meditative work, teas, birth and breastfeeding education, a lot of reflection and relaxation, friends, and reading. When the time came to actually climb the mountain [birth] I drew upon all the tools I had worked to acquire (my ways to control the situation) then I had to trust that my body, being, and baby were ready and then ultimately I had to let the mountain itself shape my path. 

When I got to hold my baby for the first time on this side of the belly, I realized how important it is that every woman gets supported through the processes of pregnancy and birth with preparation tailored to her body’s and family’s needs.  I also realized how awesome it was to be able to plug into the community, and celebrate too.

Having two children of my own, I remain connected to pregnancy and the joy in helping others prepare their mind and body for the transition into motherhood through a satisfying birth. From years of experience, education, and training, I have combined my talents together under one umbrella to support the process of awakening into motherhood.

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